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PostSubject: By lylhia    By lylhia  Icon_minitimeSun Jan 13, 2013 2:07 pm

ok, so i know this will never happen but here's my story:


“Mmmm, this food is so yummy,” I said as I wolfed down my food.
Zathrian and Cloudy sat across from me chewing their own food while smiling. We were at our weekly banquet for the guild and the hall was filled with guild members. Laughter and conversations filled the air.
“Ladies and gentlemen,” a booming voice echoed. “We once again must end another successful banquet. Have a good night and I hope to see you next week.”
The tables disappeared leaving us all standing.
“Zath, Lyli, do you mind coming with me? I need a favor.” Cloudy said, a grin on his face.
Zath and I both nodded and followed Cloudy to the guild hall. Once we got in there, Cloudy faced us.
“Okay so I need to do a special shadow mission and I would like for both of you to assist
Zath thought about it for a minute and I looked over at him, waiting for his reply. “Hmm, sure I don't mind helping you. Lyli?”
“Yeah I can help. Cloudy one question though...”
Cloudy looked at me, “Hmm?”
“I can understand you asking Zath, but why me?”
Cloudy smiled. “Well, I know you need to level up and this mission gives a lot of experience points.”
“Well let's get going,” Cloudy said and started walking towards the door.
Suddenly the roof of the hall was torn off, stone began to fall on our heads. We tried our best to avoid it, as we raced for the exit. A loud roar fills the hall and the three of us looked up. Standing above us holding the roof was a giant stone golem.
We ran faster towards the exit, I was lagging behind. As Zath and Cloudy reached the exit a large stone fell in front of the door, trapping me inside.
“Lyliha!!” Zath screamed.
“I'm okay!” I yelled back. There was another roar and I looked up. A stone hand reached for me and I jumped out of the way. I ran up the golem's arm, brandishing my sword.
Zath and Cloudy ran around and started to hack at the golem's feet. I ran up the arm to the shoulder I saw a glowing, purple orb sitting on the golem's head and I smiled. The golem, distracted by Cloudy and Zath, did not notice me climbing up it's ear, to the top of it's head.
I raised my sword and brought it straight down into the orb. The golem shuddered and started to crumble. I lost my balance and started to fall. I knew I was gonna die, but I wish I wasn't. I closed my eyes, waiting for death to greet me.
I rapidly stopped as I felt arms catch me. I looked up to see Zath looking at me. I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck. The brief moment happiness was ruined by the pieces of golem falling onto us. Zath put me down and we started to run.
A large stone rushed towards Zath and Cloudy, crushing them. I screamed and ran to pull both of them out. Neither of them moved. I dug in my bag looking for bandages. I got them out, then bandaged their wounds.
I then stood up, my hand started to glow blue and I called on my healing powers. I started with Zath, then Cloudy. They stirred slightly then sat up slowly. I threw my arms around Zath, hugging him tightly.
The three of us looked at the rubble from the hall and golem. How this happened, would forever remain a mystery.

If you make a saying your signature, make sure it fits your personality. If you put a well-known saying and you don't even know what it is, then you think of yourself to highly. If you think putting saying makes you more deep, then let me show you this hole. If you think a saying makes you seem more intelligent, how about you read a book?

"Those who hide themselves in other people words other then their own, are not much better then a coward hiding himself from a bully"

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By lylhia
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