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 DS: Fabulous Malcolm

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PostSubject: DS: Fabulous Malcolm   Fri Apr 26, 2013 8:11 pm

Fabulous Malcolm

One night, Malcolm was walking around Tir minding his own business. He wanted to give Nora a surprise visit. Malcolm is in love with Nora, but Nora does not love him back due to his 'Femininity'. Anyways-- Long story short Malcolm is to lady-like and Nora does not like a man like that. Now Malcolm pranced around Tir and started to pick flowers on his way to Nora. Nora was just standing there....infront of the inn.....like a robot..........MAYBE SHE WAS A RO- no no no getting off topic again. She glanced in Malcolm's general direction and laughed like a mad woman. Nora, now literally rofl'ing, was making Malcolm feel bad. The reason she was laughing so hard was because Malcolm was wearing a pink work suit and skipping along with his short skirt. Malcolm then skipped towards rofl'ing Nora and placed flowers next to her. Malcolm blushes and then runs off back to his store. Malcolm then opens the tent in his store and prays over his shrine to Nora. "Soon My love...Soon I will make you love me..." Malcolm then reaches into his drawer and pulls out a bedazzled mandolin. He starts to serenade Nora with a song.

Nora then walked in the middle of Malcolm singing and playing his song. She stared at Malcolm and they both stared at each other for a while. Malcolm then stopped playing and formed his hands into a heart. Nora then ran up to Malcolm and smacked his head. "Malcolm, I love you like a brother. Just stop with this feminine thing man!" Malcolm lied down on the floor with the most loving expression ever. Apparently, Malcolm only heard the words "Malcolm, I Love you" In his head. To this day. Malcolm never stopped loving Nora and she never recalls what happened that day. People say, if you wait long enough outside of the general store at night, you can hear Malcolm serenading to Nora when nobody is in his store.

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PostSubject: Re: DS: Fabulous Malcolm   Sun Apr 28, 2013 12:26 am

This was quite fabulous
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PostSubject: Re: DS: Fabulous Malcolm   Sun Apr 28, 2013 7:26 pm

So that's what's in the tent..

Cookies are good for the soul! D< SO EAT IT OR ELSE YOU DIE

I love blue :3...

I know you did this twin D:<! However I do agree with everything you said o3o
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PostSubject: Re: DS: Fabulous Malcolm   

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DS: Fabulous Malcolm
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